Samuel Bourque offers consulting services in AI training, implementation, and governance, blending a deep understanding of the technology underlying AI (such as computer algorithms, data structures, neural networks and natural language processing) with risk management. His expertise uniquely positions him to guide businesses through the complexities of integrating AI into their strategies and operations while managing technology risks effectively.

Samuel’s professional experience spans key roles in the financial and tech sectors, including Deputy Director at AIG Tokyo, Vice President at Morgan Stanley Tokyo, CTO at Wowoo, a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange, and Engineering Manager in charge of Production for Tezos. His career reflects a strong capability in managing advanced technology infrastructures and innovative projects in the fast-paced world of finance and Web3 businesses.

Samuel holds degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Université de Moncton, a Juris Doctor from City University of Hong Kong, and an MIT certificate in AI Implications for Business Strategy. This diverse academic background underpins his comprehensive approach to technology, law, and business.