AI Consulting Services

Empowering Your AI Journey

HM offers a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence (“AI”) consulting services designed to EducateAccelerate, and Drive our clients’ success.


AI Consulting


Build a strong culture of AI knowledge within your organization:

  • AI Strategy Workshops: Collaborate with HM experts to develop a clear roadmap for integrating AI into your business goals.
  • Customizable AI Training Programs: Equip your workforce with the specific AI skills and knowledge relevant to your industry and applications.
  • AI Literacy Seminars: Foster a general understanding of AI concepts, terminology, and its potential impact across your organization.
  • Ethics and Governance: Empower your leadership team and provide your employees with the knowledge needed to develop safe and responsible AI products. 


Move from strategy to implementation swiftly and efficiently:

  • AI Solution Design & Development: Work hand-in-hand with HM to (1) design and build custom AI solutions tailored to address your unique challenges and opportunities; or (2) select among third-party AI solutions.
  • Rapid Prototyping & Proof-of-Concept (POC) Development: Validate the feasibility and potential impact of your AI ideas quickly through rapid prototyping and POC development cycles.
  • Seamless Integration & Automation Services: Ensure smooth integration of your AI solutions with existing systems and workflows to maximize operational efficiency.


Achieve impactful and sustainable results with your AI implementation:

  • AI Ethics & Bias Mitigation Strategies: Develop and implement robust strategies to ensure your AI solutions are fair, unbiased, and aligned with ethical principles before you scale.
  • AI Risk Management & Security Frameworks: Proactively mitigate risks associated with AI deployment and safeguard sensitive data through comprehensive security frameworks.
  • AI Performance Monitoring & Optimization: Continuously monitor and optimize your AI solutions for maximum effectiveness and ensure they deliver ongoing value to your organization.
  • Governance: Develop a responsible AI mission and establish a transparent  governance framework to build trust among your stakeholders
  • Risk & Regulatory Considerations: Assess your AI implementation through a regulatory lens to mitigate risk and ensure responsible use and compliance with applicable laws and regulation.


HM offers a team of exceptional consultants who bring together a powerful combination of technical and strategic expertise. Our team boasts computer scientists who can translate your business needs into effective AI solutions. We also integrate ethicists, legal specialists, and corporate governance professionals to ensure your AI initiatives are implemented responsibly, complying with all relevant regulations and adhering to the highest ethical standards. This unique blend of knowledge ensures that your AI journey is not only technologically sound but also ethically responsible and well-aligned with your organization’s overall governance structure and applicable law. 

Sam Bourque

Samuel Bourque offers consulting services in AI training, implementation, and governance, blending a deep understanding of the technology underlying AI (such as computer algorithms, data structures, neural networks and natural language processing) with risk management. His expertise uniquely positions him to guide businesses through the complexities of integrating AI into their strategies and operations while managing technology risks effectively.

Samuel’s professional experience spans key roles in the financial and tech sectors, including Deputy Director at AIG Tokyo, Vice President at Morgan Stanley Tokyo, CTO at Wowoo, a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange, and Engineering Manager in charge of Production for Tezos. His career reflects a strong capability in managing advanced technology infrastructures and innovative projects in the fast-paced world of finance and Web3 businesses.

Samuel holds degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Université de Moncton, a Juris Doctor from City University of Hong Kong, and an MIT certificate in AI Implications for Business Strategy. This diverse academic background underpins his comprehensive approach to technology, law, and business.

Claire Wilson

Claire provides strategy and regulatory consulting services for established and emerging FinTech companies on a wide range of regulatory and operational issues.

Claire is a regulatory expert with over 18 years of experience working across a broad spectrum of organisations. Since 2016, Claire has served as a Chairperson on the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Disciplinary Panel alongside other roles. Prior to HM, she worked as the Head of Regulatory Affairs at Sleek Tech. She has also worked as a law professor, inhouse counsel and legal assistant in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Claire holds a doctorate degree in Law from the City University of Hong Kong, a Master of International Economic Law degree from the City University of Hong Kong and a qualifying law degree from Nottingham Law School, UK.

Anna Nicolis

Anna is a Director at Braithwate, specializing in risk and compliance for global institutions. Prior to joining Braithwate, Anna served as a global compliance manager at TPICAP and managed various projects at Baringa Partners.

Anna graduated with a MSt in AI Ethics and Society from the University of Cambridge in 2024.


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