What’s ESG and How Does It Affect You

We deploy experts with substantial risk management experience to provide advice or outsourced Chief Risk Officer services and minimize execution risk by simplifying processes and effectively implementing technolgy.  Climate change is a global challenge, and efforts have been intensified over recent years to build a sustainable future. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) represents an organization’s corporate financial interests, focusing mainly on sustainable and ethical impacts. Many jurisdictions are coming on board with their ESG requirements, and investors seek companies to disclose their data.

There are growing interest and expectations from investors in ESG, and they would want to do business with companies that commit to sustainable practices. ESG is more than tackling climate change. It’s about embedding them in your business and operations and delivering sustainable business advantages. 

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Advisory and compliance Assistance

We offer advice and assistance to your ESG framework that is commensurate with your needs, MAS/ SGX requirements and stakeholders’ expectations. 

Rationalizing a business’ approach

We assist in rationalizing your business’ approach in accordance with global and local ESG standards. 

Outsourced, in-house counsel

We assist ESG-related businesses (e.g. carbon credit trading platforms, green finance companies) with legal matters.

ESG Audit

At a minimum, we review the following –

  • ESG policy against local reporting requirements
  • Quality and accuracy of disclosures to stakeholders
  • Review how ESG goals and metrics are tracked and monitored


  • Fundamental understanding of ESG and incorporate principles into businesses
  • Climate-related risks
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
  • Board and management responsibilities


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