We assist with all kinds of MAS licenses, including Capital Markets Services (“CMS”) licenses for funds and corporate finance advisors. Our MAS licensing services include managing the overall project, preparing the necessary policies and procedures or simply reviewing your application prior to submission.

Licenses/registrations/exemptions that we can assist with include:

  • Licensed Fund Management Company (“LFMC”) to deal with Accredited and Institutional Investors (“A/I LFMC”) or Retail Investors (“Retail LFMC”)
  • Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”)
  • Venture Capital Fund Management Company (“VCFM”)
  • CMS licence for dealing capital markets products
  • CMS licence for corporate finance
  • Exempt corporate finance advisor
  • Financial advisor licence
  • Exempt financial advisor
  •  Major Payment Institution license or Standard Payment Institution license under the Payment Services Act.

In addition to MAS licensing services, we also offer SFC licensing services.


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